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Send all Repairs to:  101 Redding Rd #B5 Campbell, Ca 95008

walk-in site         (by appoint only)         661 Grape ave             Sunnyvale, Ca


Opticians, Robert and Abe,tip of the week:

For our customers


For Opticians

We have been  in the optical business for more than 50 years and
we are on the cutting edge of eyeglass repair and prescription eyewear technology.   Our goal
is give our customers the very best service and this is  accomplished
when we apply our expertise and technology to drive our business to
the next level.  
We are different from our competitors because of two reasons:  
Number one, we make the process of getting our customers' eyeglass repair or prescription lens replacement    
simple and convenient for them.  We do this by picking-up
their  eyewear from their home, business,  or work.  
We are also different because we employ the most contemporary
technology in repairing eyewear.   What we use is
A welding  machine that  produces the cleanest and least oxidized
repair jobs.   Additionally,    Our micro mode on our welding unit
allows us to work on the most delicate frames with minimal heat
output.  Lastly, We  offer the most technologically advanced lenses and custom clip-ons at a very competative price. 

 Our staff has over 50+ years of optical experience and it shows in the quality of our work as well AS the unparralled service that we provide.   















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