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Choose your choice of Clipon styles below:


we have over 6 different clip-on frame colors to choose from below:

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We have 6 different clip-on lens colors for you to choose from below: 

                 Brown Vermillion
                  Lt. brown                 G-15 (Rayban)
                    Gray                    Light Gray
                                           clip-on lens color

Would you like a standard clip-on or flip-up style ?  Please make your choice by clicking one of the icons below: 


     Standard Clip-on Sunglasses              Flip-up Clip-on Sunglasses
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                                         STANDARD CLIP-ON FEATURE     

This is a very adaptable custom clip-on system which employs a compression mount technology to insure a rock-solid clip assembly with an even lower fitting profile on the clip-on lenses.  The nickel-titanium, memory metal bridge is designed for maximum flexibility without compromise on shape or fit.   With 6 great chassis colors to choose from, this clip-on will compliment any frame.



                                     FLIP-UP CLIP-ON SUNGLASS FEATURE

This revolutionary  sunglass clip-on system has been refined to the point of perfection.    Traditional flip-up clips are often bulky and their attachments clamp over lens and frame potentially causing damage to both.   The Flip system uses fine spring steel mountings with small rubber feet at the points of contact to the lenses.  And since they are custom built to each frame, they are stylish as well as functional. 


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