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Temple Tips and Temple Conversions
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Change Standard Temples To Cable or sport Temples               Cable Temples For Infants And Kids                           
                                        Many Colors To Choose From  

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No payment required until your temple conversion is completed at the lab.                            

A Prepaid shipping label is emailed to you to send your glasses to us ( no postage required)   we will receive your glasses in a few days.    Call toll free at:  (800)765-5805

50 + Years Experience

 We will install the cable temple for you.  

You can choose cable temples for a child or an adult.  You can choose black, white, blue, red, or gray.


to request a prepaid shipping label to send your glasses to us for conversion, click the "click here" icon below.




If you are familiar with installing them yourself, click next:


Frequently Asked questions below:


How long are cable temples warrantied for?

Cable temples are warrantied for 1 year


Are instructions provided if I want to replace them myself ?

Yes, if you wish to install them yourself, we do provide instructions




Do you do glass Lenses for Revos, Maui Jim, Raybans, Persol, Serengetti ?


We make up 1 0f 5 labs in the nation  that still do glass lenses if requested, although other materials such as polycarbonate polarized lenses  is by far the most popular.   Both glass and polycarbonate polarized lenses are   used by Revo, Mau Jim, Rayban and Persol lenses and offer excellent optics and clarity .  99% of the labs out there do not use the materials that we use.  In fact,  many opticals will send there orders to our lab for processing.  The state of the art machines that our lab  has ensure that our lenses are precisely manufactured for optimum fit and clarity.


Do you repair plastic frames

Most local repair shops do not do broken plastic repairs, but we do them like any metal frame. 


Do you repair all designer brand of sunglasses and match lenses or frame parts?

We match both quality of lenses and match frame parts as closely as possible.


What kind of warranty do you offer

Most shops offer a 90 day warranty on their repairs, but our repairs are warrantied for 1 year.

What equipment do you use to repair glasses ?  

We do not use a torch to repair our glasses and only use the finest state of the art  $70.000 laser welder.


Do I pay up front ?

No upfront payment is required and  we will email  you an estimate before processing your order.    We will email you a payment link for remiting payment and you can pay with a visa, e-check, mastercard, discover, and Paypal.


Do you offer a prepaid shipping label ?

 A prepaid shipping label is emailed to you for added convenience ( shipping to us is at no charge and tracking information is provided)


Do you sell eyeglasses and sunglasses ?

We have thousands of frames to choose from  and they can be found on the home page.

Do you offer prescription Lenses ?

Yes, we do and we  offer single vision, bifocals, and progressive lenses at a very competative price point.


How long does it take to complete an order  ?

Once you ship the glasses, we will receive it in a few days and will notiy  you with a no obligation estimate.  If you agree, it should take aproximately 1 week from there to complete your order.  Glass lenses will  take several weeks to complete.



Get your prepaid shipping label by clicking here------------>



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