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Match Your Lenses Here. Get Your Free No Obligation Prepaid Shipping Label Emailed To You. Print , Place On your Shipment, and Drop-off- No Charge.

Once we receive Your prepaid Shipping Label request via email, we will email The prepaid shipping label (Tracking Number Included). We will receive your glasses in a Few  days. The cost to replace the lenses is $57 for standard polarized. We will call you to confirm the cost before we get started with the order. It takes Approximately 1 week to complete your order. We will email you a payment link once the repair is completed. Any questions, call us at (800)245-2140


Click below to request your prepaid shipping label via email:include your shipping address and what you would like us repair or replace for you. You can also email your request to zeiscolabs@gmail.com

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