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Pick-Up Service
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Prescription/non-prescription eyeglasses Pick-up Service

Eyeglass/Sunglass Frame Repair, Click----> Here

Pick-up Service

*  Home or Office Pick-up service with licensed Optician---measurements done at home or office

    -The whole process should last about 10 minutes

*  Our local optical  lab is ready to process your order today

*  Fast turn-around time:  same day or next day service ----certain prescriptions will take longer

* walk-in service by appointment only

* You can also ship your glasses to us for processing----prepaid shipping label emailed to you

To rerequest a pick-up or prepaid shipping label via email, call  1-800-245-2140

You can text  a pick-up request or prepaid shipping label to  our driver/optician at (408)348-1900

Prescription Lenses starting at $39




No payment required until your glasses are completed at the lab                           

Prepaid shipping label emailed ( no postage required)    Call toll free at:  (800)765-5805

50+ years of experience 

 What kind of tint or lens color would you like ?

In the next few steps, you will choose a lens or simply request to match your existing lenses as close as possible.


If you want us to match your lenses, click the "click here" icon below:

 OR choose from other tint samples by

clicking  Next ____>


Repair Broken Eyeglass/Sanglass frames by clicking______> HERE

Call for a pick-up today!


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