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Optician Trainee
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We are looking for optical trainees, opticians, and Courier drivers for doctors of optometry.

Become a Zeisco Optical Lab Rep/Optical assistant/Optician, courier sales and repairs. Work with us and train with us today.

We are an equal opportunity employer

No Experience Necessary.  Work within our network of optometrists nation-wide




  We are looking for courier drivers, solder technicians/ optical assistants,  optical reps, and optical trainees to serve our doctors of optometry in your area.   If you can solder, have retail experience, driver courier experience,  or management experience, you are the right person to work for us.  However,   no experience is necessary and we  will train you to do all aspects of the business .  You will need to be trained for approximately 30 days  in the optical field  to enable you to work for our various doctors of Optometry. Solder technicians are responsible for repairing eyeglasses, while optical assistants answer phone calls, make appointments, and prepares patients for the optometrists. Optical trainees or opticians fill the doctors' prescriptions and take eyeglass measurements. Optical reps can work independently and are able to handle all of the above responsibilities plus sell optical goods to doctors of optometry.  Courier drivers will work certain routes and pick-up eyewear for repairs.




Some of our doctors of optometry are looking for the following: optical finishing lab technician. Should be able to handle all aspects of lab including layout, cut and edge, rimless drill and mounting and a fine eye for quality final inspection. Pride in workmanship is critical yet speed is equally important. Excellent salary, full medical benefits as well as company funded 401k. This is a full time position for 5 days a week including Saturdays. 

Compensation: $20 to $25 per hour plus benefits

They are also looking for Optical assistants/Optician/Managers: Immediate opening for Manager with leading optical chain. 

Excellent opportunity for new and experienced Optical technicians.  Great salary, bonuses, benefits, 401K. 
Spanish speaking a plus.
Compensation  $22-$27 per hour

Our number one goal is to recruit and train potential employees for our network doctors all across the US.  There are not enough trained Opticians and techs and the doctors of optometry are willing to train, but have very little time to do so.  We help make it easier for doctors of optometry to find qualified techs.   We enable trainees to get their foot in the door of a growing industry, which is not hard to do.  We are helping our network of doctors hire motivated and qualified individuals to provide excellent customer service to their patients. once in the program, you will be begin working almost immediately by either working with doctors of Optometry or partnering with us to service our doctors.  You will be responsible for providing repair service or supplying doctors with the optical goods that they need. We will get you acquainted with people in the optical field in the first week of training to perhaps get you in their facility working as a trainee.

We run our business all across the United States and we will work together to fill the needs of our doctors of optometry and their patients.  We will need to train you to process prescription eyewear, repair eyeglasses, sunglass lenses, and offer various optical goods to our optometrists. Within your immediate area, you will service aproximately 30+ doctors of optometry.


Step 1:  Apply below    Step 2:  Get interviewed  : Step 3 Get your optician tools and business cards( optician/drivers pay for their own tools-yours to keep)   Step 4: Meet with your optician for training (nation wide)  Step 5 Introduce yourself to Optometrist and Opticians in  your route  Step 6.  After training ,make yourself available to optometrists for on-call work in your route.


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