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                                                                        Santa Clara County residents click here


             Eyeglass Repair Pick-up and Delivery Service
                                                                       Repair Sunglass Arm

1. If you live outside of Santa Clara County, your eyeglasses can be picked up tomorrow and we will receive it the next day, and ship it out the same day.

2.  We will email you a free prepaid shipping label that you can tape to your shipment ( you can leave this shipment in your mailbox for your mail carrier to pick-up tomorrow).  

3.  To get your free prepaid shipping label  and/or schedule a pick-up, click here (No Extra Charge)

*Most repairs are picked up the following day


                   Schedule A Pick-Up Below

Schedule a pick-up and/or get your

free prepaid shipping label emailed here

Pick-up times are from


Delivery time 

Eyeglasses are usually shipped out

the same day they are receive


zeiscofreedelivery.jpg (259×194)Free Eyeglass pick-up & delivery service     



         zeiscoultrasonicleaning.jpg (249×202)

Free Ultrasonic deep Cleaning of Frame

It's not possible to know the cost of every repair without first looking at it, but most repairs will average anywhere form $25-$35




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