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We have partnered with PayPal to provide Employment opportunity for sales reps and Optician trainees.  We are an optical company that is looking for sales reps throughout the United States. All of our sales reps are trained as opticians ( paid training program), so they can work for us as sales reps while also working for one of the many  Optometrists in the network.             

In order for our reps to effectively serve our doctors of optometry, we train them  as opticians.  This is in case one of the optometry offices is looking to hire our reps  to work in their office.  You are allowed to work for any optometrist in the network while you are working for us. It makes it much easier to recommend our products and services to doctors of optometry when our sales reps actually work for them.  This way, our sales reps receive two paychecks.  They receive their regular hourly paycheck from the optical office they are working at, plus  a  commision check from Zeisco Optical Lab.  The commision checks will come from the various products and services that are orderdered from the offices in your network.  



When our reps begin working for us, they will update their resume and put us down as their current employer.  They will print 30 of their updated resumes and pass them out to the optical managers in their network along with product information from Zeisco Optical Lab.  You will see these managers every few weeks and  get to know them as you pass out our product information.



Currently throughout the optometry network, there are aproximately 3000 openings for optical assistants, optician trainees, licensed opticians, and optical front office help.  Because optometry offices are so abundant throughout our network, many of our sales reps will work for us while working for their doctors in the network.

Sales reps will be eligible to work after 30 days of training and upon receiving their certificate of completion in optician studies, which is done online.  Our sales reps will receive continued training as long as they continue working for us.  Some of the optometrists in the network would like applicants to have  experience and some will train on the job.  Our doctors of optometry will use our sales reps for the following: 

1. They will call our  reps to order wholesale prescription lenses, equipment, and optical supplies. These are ordered at our wholesale lab at zeiscolabs.com 

2. They will also call our sales reps for a Currier run: this involves picking up glasses for repair, and also custom clip-on sunglass installation. Eyeglass and sunglass repairs are processed at zeisco.com 

3. If any of the doctors in your network need designer frames, we can supply them with more than 3,000 different brands of designer sunglasses. You will also receive a commision for the sale of designer eyeglasses frames.

4. You will also be instrumental in helping with online sales.  Google will initially offer our sales reps approximately $100 worth of free advertising money.  This will usually generate extra income for the sales reps during their first week  with us.



Depending on where you live, opticians can make anywhere from $30 -$70,000 a year (non-licensed and licensed). Average pay for  optical managers  is anywhere between $50,000-70,000)   Walmart and Costco Optical district managers, even without optical experience,  can make up to $150,000 with bonuses for managing the stores in their district.  So, if you do become an optician, try to rise to the level of supervisor or manager to maximize your pay potential

Optical Reps get paid every two weeks and payment is based on volume of sales, less tax and shipping. Again, sales reps still can work for their doctors and still receive a commission from other locations as long as they service these shops with product information every two weeks. Of the 30 doctors that you service, if you simply have 5-10 doctors that order from you regularly, it  will generate about $200-$300 a day for you.  This is not including eyeglass repairs or custom clip-on orders.   .

For more information on pay, look at the frequently asked questions below:

* Upon starting with us, sales reps will be mailed the following tools for training:  

Optician's  manual ( downloaded into your computer via Google Play or mailed to you)  in paperback, optician's tools, eyeglasses and sunglasses for training,  repair torch, soldering sticks, frame case for carrying eyewear, and business cards. You should receive these items within 10 days.



 You  will receive$200 a month during the training phase, which will last about three months.  Initially,  PayPal will cover the cost of training our reps for the three month duration, and we will pay you the funds to reimburse PayPal .  The money that we will provide you is approximately $600, and this is the money that you will use to cover the cost of training,which $495.  Although there is no payment no interest for 6 months via PayPal,  we recommend that you pay them with the funds that you receive as soon as you can.  By the third month, you will have more than enough funds to cover the training and supplies.Our paid training program is a benefit that is available only to Zeisco Lab sales reps, which will save them anywhere from $4000-$7000.  It is simply not  necessary to pay that kind of money if you are working for us as an independent sales rep.

 Please book mark this page because it is not available via a link on our site.  We do this because our wholesale site and price list are published on this page, and  we do not want our retail customers viewing this.

If you would like to get started as a sales rep/optician trainee with one of the many optometry networks in your area, click the get started button below.  You will be contacted by a territory manager to help you get started. If you have any questions, you can browse the Sales Rep/Optician Resources below or you can call us at (800) 245-2140  or (800) 765-5805



Optician/Sales Rep Resource

1.What do opticians and sales reps earn ?     2.How many hours per day will sales reps work ?    3.  is there  a lot of traveling ?    4. Is gas allowance provided ?

  5. how long will it be before I start making any money ?  6.what do reps do at Zeisco Optical Lab   7.What is an optician ?

                             Confidential information (sales reps and opticians only)                 

1. Wholesale lens and supplies price list        2. Zeisco reps schedule and talking points      3. optician training outline ( 9 short chapters) 30 day training

4. Payment Structure       5.Eyewear Repair Outline     6.Optical equipment information &  Lab Invoice    7. optical order fax and email form   8.Optical supplies

9.Equipment, accessories and supplies order form     10.Lens order foms

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