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Become a Zeisco Optical Lab Rep/Optical assistant/Optician.- Work with us and train with us today                                                          

We are an equall opportunity employer

No Experience Necessary.  Work within our network of of doctors nation-wide




  We are looking for solder technicians/ optical assistants,  optical reps, and optical trainees to serve our doctors of optometry in your area.   If you can solder, have retail experience, or management experience, you are the right person to work for us.  However,   no experience is necessary and we  will train you to do all aspects of the business .  You will need to be trained for approximately 30 days to get  introductory training in the optical field  to enable you to work for our various doctors of Optometry. Solder technicians are responsible for repairing eyeglasses, while optical assistants answer phone calls, make appointments, and prepares patients for the optometrists. Optical trainees or opticians fill doctor prescriptions and take eyeglass measurements. Optical reps can work independently and are able to handle all of the above responsibilities plus sell optical goods to doctors of optometry.



Some of our doctors of optometry are looking for the following: optical finishing lab technician. Should be able to handle all aspects of lab including layout, cut and edge, rimless drill and mounting and a fine eye for quality final inspection. Pride in workmanship is critical yet speed is equally important. Excellent salary, full medical benefits as well as company funded 401k. This is a full time position for 5 days a week including Saturdays. 

Compensation: $20 to $25 per hour plus benefits

They are also looking for Optical assistants/Optician/Managers: Immediate opening for Manager with leading optical chain. 

Excellent opportunity for new and experienced Optical technicians. . Great salary, bonuses, benefits, 401K. 
Spanish speaking a plus.
Compensation  $22-$27 per hour

Our number one goal is to recruit and train potential employees for our network doctors all across the US.  There are not enough trained Opticians and techs and the doctors of optometry are willing to train, but have very little time to do so.  We help make it easier for doctors of optometry to find qualified techs.   We enable trainees to get their foot in the door of a growing industry, which is not hard to do.  We are helping our network of doctors hire motivated and qualified individuals to provide excellent customer service to their patients. once in the program, you will be begin working almost immediately by either working with doctors of Optometry or partneriring with us to service our doctors.  You will be responsible for providing repair service or supplying doctors with the optical goods that they need. We will get you acquainted with people in the optical field in the first week of training to perhaps get you in their facility working as a trainee.

We run our business all across the United States and we will work together to fill the needs of our doctors of optometry and their patients.  We will need to train you to process prescription eyewear, repair eyeglasses, sunglass lenses, and offer various optical goods to our optometrists. Within your emediate area, you wil service aproximately 50 doctors of optometry.  You will have access to our lab pricing (example: you can sell prescription lenses to doctors for 3.00 and they can turn around and sell them between $50-$100 retail.  You sell them cheap because its a volume business and you will have  multiple doctors purchasing 10-15 lenses a day from you, making it a very lucrative proposition for you.  If you sign up a good number of doctors, it is possible to make a 6 figure income

Again, you have the option of interviewing and possibly working for the various doctors of optometry, but here are some other ways to make an income with us as well:

Optical assistants or reps can also make money by:

1. giving away free glasses to those who do not have insurance .  Once you are on board with us, you can begin right away.  Reps or optical assistants can make $12 dollars for everyone that accepts the free glasses. You can simply offer glasses anywhere: At a mall, large gatherings, or anywhere you find  lots of people.  You would simply inform people that " we are signing up people for free glasses."  How many free glasses can you give away in one day?  If you give away 20 glasses a day, that amounts to $240 a day.  Many opticians can start out doing this to get the experience they need.  They will be taking measurements and collecting prescriptions. After gaining some experience, we can recommend them to work at the various optical shops.

Our goal Is to have you work for 6 months to 1 year and get your license.  If you have any supervisory or management experience, you will be eligible to apply for a optical management position.  This is where you can make an average of $22-$25 per hour.  after several years of working as an optical manager at places like Walmart or Costco, you can apply for optical district manager.  The starting salary is about $90,000 + a percentage of the sales from all of the stores in your district. Total salary will range between $150,000-$200,000 a year.  We recommend that you apply at Walmart or Costco after training with us.  Those are great companies to work for and they will pay for your examination fees when you get your license.  They will also help you with obtaining your continuation education credits.   If you decide to get your license while working there, we can help you obtain your license (takes aproximately 3 months to study for your license; it could be shorter or longer depending on your learning pace. 


The average pay for a non-licensed optical assistant or optician(technican) is $15-18, depending on where you apply.  Our job Is to give you the experience you need by working with us and to give you an extra edge over even experienced optical associates or opticians.   

If you decide to work as our rep, we will provide you with 100% support in getting you trained and succeeding in your area and  our live operators are available 24/7 to help get your questions answered.  Of coure, after you train with us, you can work for any of the doctors that you service.

Some of the skills that we will need to teach you involve fixing broken frames or replacing damaged lenses.  We will teach you how to process replacement lenses for broken eyeglasses and teach you how to read prescription lenses.  We will teach you the skills that will equip you to work for any of the network doctors.

As a Zeisco rep, you will be provided with your own 800  number and a live operator for answering your phone calls from either customers in your immediate area who need your services or doctors of optometry who need to order product from you.

Our reps are provided with a website whereby customers will purchase items or request a free prepaid shipping label to send their glasses to you for repair.  They will request a prepaid shipping label from anywhere in the United States.

Our reps often will get referrals from their local optometrist to get their patients' glasses fixed.  Just make sure that your optometrists have plenty of your business cards and wholesale price list.  You should have pretty good business if you stay  in contact with them.  99 percent of the opticals do not repair glasses and they usually refer their patients to the reps in order to get eyeglasses repaired or lenses and accessories ordered. 

Please note:  you will get calls and inquiries from doctors in your area as well as from your website, but   a live operator will be able to take your calls from your customers 24/7  and text you their questions. Of course,  you can answer the calls directly if you wish.  This is prefered if you are able to answer as a business.  If you are not able to answer in a professional manner all the time, you should have the 800 number take your calls. They will answer the call in whatever business name you wish.  If customers are leaving a message on your personal phone number, you should have a professional voice mail greeting.  Example, thanks for calling Jan’s Optical Lab..we are unavailable at the moment, but please leave a brief message…etc.


Have  you ever broken a pair of glasses or sunglasses ?  We will teach you the simple process of repairing eyeglasses for doctors in your network or customers that ship you their glasses from your site.  Even if you feel you are unable to repair the eyewear, you still make money for referring the repair to our lab (You make 33% of the repair cost for all glasses that are reffered to us).

Each repair job that you receive will take aproximately 15 min and you will charge $39 (cost and material used In repairing the job is less than $1.00)  Again, you should have about 50 opticals within your area and if you have just 10 opticals referring patients to you in one day, you should make about $400 a day.  But of coure, this varies according to the area and how frequently you visit your local optical shop. You visit the optical shop to drop off your business cards every couple of weeks along with special deals on optical goods such as eyeglasses cases, prescription lenses, eyeglass cords, nosepads, etc.


Your optical repair website will have a built-in  questionnaire form for people to request their repairs.  When customers put in a request for their glasses to be repaired via your website, you will email them a prepaid shipping label that they can print and send their glasses to you.  Once you learn a little bit about prescription eyewear, you can begin selling prescription glasses and contact lenses.   When you begin working with us, you will need to give your website a name.  Example: Expertopticallab.com, xyzopticallab.com, etc.  You will have $75 to initially market the optical website through google to see how the business works.  You will also be provided with some business cards to give to the various opticals in your area.




As an optical rep,  you will be training to work for the various optical shops.  Again you will be acquainted with some optical employees the first week of training, so give a  good first impression.  If they like you, they may want you to work for them. Of course, If they are not hiring at the time, you can still service their optical shops by providing them with repair services and wholesale optical goods.  

What you need to have:  cell phone, computer with Microsoft works, free google account, Free Paypal account so we can pay you when you refer repairs to us.   

Not every area is compatible with our business, so we would have to evaluate your area and demographics and see if it would be a good fit for the business.   Before we can assign you an area and provide further detail , we would need to know how many doctors of optometry are in your area.     

If your area is ideal and you are a good fit  for the optical business, we will tell you what you need to get started.                        



Look at  videos of reps., optcians, and optical assistants in action.  

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