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Designer Eyeglass / Sunglass Repairs
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Repair & Lens Replacements

50+ years of experience 

No payment required until your glasses are completed at the lab                           

Prepaid shipping label emailed ( no postage required)    Call toll free at:  (800)765-5805

      Select from 10 different eyeglass and sunglass repairs for your eyewear by Clicking on the repair icon that best represents your repair type below.                                    

                            Broken Eyewire       Broken Nosepad (metal)             Broken Arm        Rimless Repair    Sunglass Lens Replacement

 broken nosepads
 broken glasses
 eyeglass repairs
 broken eyeglass lenses
 broken sunglass repair
Convert  from straight temples( arms) to sports or cable temples  / Add adjustable nosepads to you plastic frame              Replace damaged Lenses Repair  sunglass arm

Frame and Lens Repair

 Lens Replacement and Frame adjustment














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